Piping Videoscope Inspection Camera is used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines.

The Borescope Pipeline Integrity NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Video Inspection solution scan be used in a lot of different fields such as  Aircraft Turbines, Airframe Inspections, Bearings & Gearboxes, Down-Hole Motors & PC Pumps, Heat Exchangers and Boilers, Heavy Equipment Maintenance, etc. and is specifically designed to make it easier for inspectors, plumbers, engineers, contractors, municipal workers and other professionals to inspect the areas that are hard to reach.  The pipeline integrity is essential to ensure the safety of critical pipelines. The remote visual inspection devices (e.g. : borescopes, videoscopes, video borescopes, pluming inspection cameras and pipe inspection cameras, etc.) make it possible for engineers to efficientlyand safely operate and maintain the oil refineries all over the world.

The pipe Inspection Cameras Industrial Endoscopes are used to  inspect various kinds of pipes such as drain pipes, gutterings, plant pipes, etc.  ​These Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection/testing devices can reach and explore difficult spots in waste water systems, storm water systems, pipelines of different kind, drains, ducts and other hard-to-see areas. That’s why having a pipe camera at your disposal can save you a lot of time, money and effort as you won’t have to spend time guessing where the problem lies. It gets right to the spot, inspects it and provides you with a clear idea of what needs to be done.  At Rising-Tech, you can find a Pipe Inspection Camera that will fit your needs perfectly.

Whether it is for industrial use or residential, we have it all pipeline cameras of different sizes with different cable lengths, basic inspection devices that can be operated even by amature users. Most of our inspection products are equipped with high-resolution CCD video cameras and the LED lights that provide excellent illumination even in the darkest environments, and features allowing you not only to capture the image but record and save it for future reference.  In case you may need any help operating your pipeline camera, just contact us at your conveniece then we are fast to respond and provide you with any type of professional assistance.

Rising-Tech is offering remote visual pipeline inspection cameras from Taiwan for all industrial customers all over the world. We equip our experienced & professional inspectors with the most videoscopes, borescopes, pipe pluming inspection cameras, locators and pan tilt and zoom cameras available today.  Our professionalism, distinct combination of experience, and various equipment allows you to complete thorough inspections safely and on time.  

The pipeline inspection equipment's applications as below for your ref. 

• Process Sewer Inspection 

• Storm Sewer Inspection 

• Underground Piping 

• Underground bus ducts 

• Aboveground Piping 

• High Energy Piping   

• Service Water Piping

• Condensate Piping

• High Purity Piping

• Chimney Inspection,

• Weld Inspection

• Remote Visual Inspection (applications at refineries)

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