What is a Borescope? An optical device consisting of a flexible cable, semi-rigid or rigid cable.

What is a Borescope?

A borescope is an optical device consisting of a flexible cable, semi-rigid cable or rigid tube connected by the optical system then inserted into the item and used to view areas that would not be visible or not easily to reach.  There are many types of industrial borescopes with versatile design connecting with controllers (TFT-LCD display monitor 3.5, 5, 7 inches, etc.) such as WiFi USB, infraed, wireless, mini camera, HD, protable handhled types, etc. for easily usage and the borescope is inserted into the item being checked and evaluated without destroying the item (NDT, Non-Destructive Testing) .

Industrial Borescopes (Videoscopes, Inspection Cameras) can be equipped with a video camera to transmit the images on a monitor (display) or computer.  To accommodate requirements of a variety of industries, the video inspection camera borescopes vary in diameter, length, functions . There are four main parameters to consist of a borescope, the diameter of the operating part (camera probe), the length of the operating part (cable/tube), the angle of the observation direction and the angle of view. The Industrial endoscope will allow the camera probe for entering into visual inspections in areas where it is impossible or difficult for the human eye to see into or hard to reach areas of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) directly.

The borescopes serves multiple applications, including general industrial inspection, piping inspections, plumbing inspection, aviation, aerospace, automotive, marine, HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system), locksmith, electrical, mechnaical, welding, automatic optical inspection, auto testing, carpentry, metalworking parts testing, surface checking, engine work checking, under vehicles checking, down drains checking, ceiling and pipeline checking, sanitation, weaponry, casting, law enforcement, electronics, refining, and power generation, etc.

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