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Industrial Borescope

  • What is the product warranty?

    We offer one (1) year limited warranty.

  • What is the battery working time?

    Depending on the model, the working time is different. This information can be obtained in the user manual.

  • What is the battery life time?

    Battery has life time of 500 charging cycles. If you use it, and charge it daily. It can last for 2 years.

  • Is the borescope inspection camera waterproof and dustproof?

    Our videoscope camera is tested to be IP-67. It can be used in water for 30 min, and the depth less than 1 meter. It is not only waterproof but also dustproof.

  • Do your products have certificate?

    We have lab certificates of FCC and CE to ensure our products safety.

  • Can we just buy 1 pc (unit) for testing and evaluation?

    Yes, it's no problem for your trial order with only 1 pc (unit) because we fully understand the importance of quality testing before customer's formal orders.

  • What is your After-Sales services, RMA policy?

    We will do 100% QC before shipment. If there are any unexpected problems to be happened, we will solve it with our customers via friendly ways as below :

    (a). If it’s quality problem, customers should provide photos or videos and other evidences to us for verification. After preliminary  confirmation of our quality issue, we will discuss with customer to return it at our shipping account and send another new product to replace the damages in next order.

    (b). If it’s human damages or errors, customers should take the full responsibility.

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